SKALA Partners has extensive plans to develop sustainable solar power in the regions of Sweden and Norway. Although our initial focus is large-scale infrastructure projects, we welcome different sizes of projects to diversify our portfolio. In Sweden, we typically focus on projects ranging in size from 20 to 100 MW and in Norway 5 to 20 MW. In Finland, we have no project development today, which may change in the future.

In Sweden, we plan to have a portfolio of development projects of 1100 MW solar power generation until 2029, which will supply 300,000 households with sustainable green energy. In Norway, the corresponding figures are 650 MW of solar energy under development by 2029, which will supply 225,000 households with electricity from solar power.

We have a greenfield team in Norway today that is successfully working on developing new projects in municipalities that need to strengthen their production of sustainable electricity. In addition to that, SKALA works very closely with local partners in both Sweden and Norway who assist SKALA with projects in all stages of the development cycle.

If you as a project developer want to offer EPC and O&M solutions, we look forward to hearing from you.

In cooperation with the client, SKALA finances the development costs based on predefined milestones (deliverables) in the project. In the ready-to-build phase, SKALA acquires the projects and then begins and finances the construction. When the solar park is in operation, SKALA manages the project during the project’s lifetime.

Projects under development (forecast)