partners in green transition

The founding team is Swedes and Norwegians loving the outdoors. We passionately utilize our skills and time to do more and faster, to accelerate the green transition. SKALA Partners is founded on the vision to accelerate the Nordic green transition. The team is backed by a leading, Swedish industrial family.

SKALA Partners seeks partnerships with developers by financing them all the way up to ready-to-build stage. We take on full ownership from construction stage onwards and manages the assets for life. It is an add-on for the partnership if the developer can contribute to EPC and O&M works.

If you are an investor that want to join us on our green transition journey, we would be happy to discuss collaboration and partnerships on individual projects or portfolio of projects. We prefer structuring syndicates for long-term investors like pension funds and families. SKALA offers the full range of asset management services.

When we develop the projects, the prime focus is creating a smooth as possible interface between the park/farm, people and nature. We invite municipalities, local community representatives and NGOs in the early stage development to make sure we can contribute in a best possibly way to local development.

SKALA seeks long-term on- and off-grid partnerships with industrials and other large energy consumers.