The SKALA team has people and nature at its it core in all phases of the lifecycle of an asset. The Equator Principles and UN principles for sustainable development applied by leading financial institutions like IFC and EBRD, are an integral part of how we operate. In addition to local laws and regulations, we apply national standards in the development, construction, and operational stages. The guiding principles above are referred to the gold standards in our industry and will be incorporated in our ISO 14001 certified quality system.

SKALA strives to use local suppliers in the construction and operations of the parks. Local green job creation is important for SKALA to take part in developing the local communities.

We, the team, pride ourselves being awarded for sustainable development and management of wind and solar assets prior to starting in SKALA.

Based on decades of experience, two-way communication with local stakeholders is the key to successful implementation. Carefully listening to municipalities, landlords, neighbours, local power and grid companies, NGOs and trade associations, is a statutory part of our operating model. Based on experience, we know it creates advantages for all involved parties.

We believe partnerships with local large, energy consumers  and co-ownership with consumers, landlords, local power companies and municipalities are all positive for local value creation.