SKALA Partners acquires the rights to a large-scale solar energy project in Sweden

Stockholm, June 17, 2024 – SKALA Partners hereby announces that the company has acquired the rights to a large-scale solar power project. The project is located in southern Sweden in electricity area SE3 and is in an early development phase. When the project is in operation, the project will have a capacity of approx. 45 MW and is estimated to contribute sustainable energy to more than 9,000 villas for the equivalent annual consumption of household electricity.

The acquisition is an important step in SKALA’s journey towards becoming a leading player in renewable energy in the Nordics. Until 2029, SKALA intends to have a portfolio of projects in development and operation of over 1.8 GW in renewable energy.

“This project is a milestone that we are very happy to have secured. While continuing the development of this important large-scale project we will keep up the pace of the expansion of our portfolio of projects. In Sweden, our short term plan is to have a portfolio of 1,1 GW solar energy already by 2029” says Jimmy Hansson, Co-founder & CEO

Published On: June 17 2024
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